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Data Movement Design Considerations You Must Take Into Account!

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IT management faces some daunting challenges: Change is a constant. Teams are having to do more with less. Budgets are being slashed. The need to place data on an economical platform has never been so top of mind. But even with technologies like Hadoop and inexpensive commodity storage available, the intended use of data should be the driving factor in these architectural decisions.

Teradata offers industry-leading analytic data platforms, marketing and analytic applications, and consulting services. We help organizations know more about their customers, and do more of what's important to them. Our white paper, Data Movement In Today's Evolving Ecosystem Topology reveals

  • A hard-and-fast requirement, whether an Enterprise Data Warehouse supports a multinational corporation or a small, regional company
  • Why recovery and accessibility of data can no longer be measure in days, or even hours
  • Business use cases based on experience and knowledge gathered while successfully overcoming data movement challenges

This free paper discusses design considerations you must take into account as you implement a data movement solution. Download your copy now!