Safely satisfy that Android sweet tooth:
Making it work for your enterprise

Android is ready for the enterprise.
Is your enterprise ready for Android?

Android has long ruled the consumer market. Now, the latest security advancements from Google and device manufacturers, and support for Android by leading EMM solution providers, are expanding its presence in the enterprise. With 84% of the worldwide mobile device market share1, Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices.

While Android’s flexibility makes the business (and users) happy with the best “fit for purpose” devices, it also creates exposure and requires IT to protect enterprise data and implement safeguards against:

○ Risky rooting: An enterprise no-no

○ Data loss: The business is in your pocket

○ Mobile malware: Dangerous whether accidental or deliberate

How to approach EMM in an Android environment

As a technology preview partner, MaaS360 works closely with Google and manufacturers, such as Samsung, to ensure our customers get the most from their Android experience.


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