When Business is the App,
The App is the Business

Addressing the Security Dangers of Appification

At rest or in motion...
app-related data is always at risk

Apps are great for increasing productivity and engaging customers, but IT has a big job to do when it comes to safely enabling the app-driven business. Security isn’t simply a step to take after an app is ready for deployment – it is an element that should be considered and implemented throughout every stage of appification.
App security doesn’t end at deployment. Through “passive” application security best practices, you can manage and protect (with very little ongoing effort on your part) through:
Application whitelisting and blacklisting
Configuring security and restrictions
Automatic monitoring of jailbroken, rooted and non-compliant devices
Real-time visibility into the compliance status of all devices

Appifying your enterprise

Understand the technical and practical considerations for successfully enabling and protecting the enterprise while building and implementing an app- based business.

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