Balancing Security and Success

No financial services company can afford to relax when it comes to IT security. Aside from the legal requirements put in place to protect information, professional ethics dictate that IT departments of companies providing financial services do all they can to make sure no breaches occur. To help companies securely manage smartphones, tablets, and even laptops, Fiberlink, an IBM company’s MaaS360 product delivers a comprehensive mobility management offering—one which provides IT departments with 360° visibility and control across devices, apps, and documents that spends a lot of time outside of company networks.


At the same time, most companies need mobile technology to compete. Fiberlink has designed MaaS360 to specifically address BYOD and consumerization. We look into:


The Time To Act

The old adage that “time is money” has never been more true than it is today. To learn more about Mobile Device Management, download this free white paper.