What You Don' t Know Will Hurt You

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks promise to remain a potent threat to the organizations in 2016. Both IT and the executive suite need to protect mission-critical infrastructure from this growing menace to availability, brand image, and the bottom line. The key to success? Don't ignore DDoS; instead, take preventative action.

This report answers key questions on the topic of DDoS prevention such as:

From a business perspective, why should I care about DDoS?

Doesn't my current protection already contain DDoS defenses?

How long did it take the security team to respond?

Why do I need a hybrid (on-premises and cloud) DDoS defense?

Hybrid defense scenarios (on-premises equipment married with cloud services) will continue to grow as firms seek to ward off advanced application & large-scale volumetric attacks.

To learn more, read this informative report.