Wi-Fi Security with More Control & Less Complexity

Flexible Network Access And Wireless Security. You Can Have Both!

As they plan for both security and flexible network access, IT organizations are facing a challenge: With the rapid expansion of employee-owned and corporate-issued wireless devices in the enterprise, they have the potential to usher in new levels of user productivity and convenience. But even though users demand mobility, IT is still responsible for maintaining appropriate security levels.

Aerohive enables our customers to simply and confidently connect to the information, applications, and insights they need to thrive. Our simple, scalable, and secure platform delivers mobility without limitations. We have published an e-book, Wi-Fi Security with More Control & Less Complexity that reveals

  • One of the main reasons IT teams find it so challenging to on-board wireless devices
  • Two very important words in the IT professional's vocabulary that are not usually associated with each other
  • A proven solution that helps organizations make their networks ready for the next evolution of the mobility-driven world
Wi-Fi Security with More Control & Less Complexity

This e-book can help you navigate the challenges of providing users the wireless access they demand in a more secure fashion. Download your free copy now!